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“My team looked at me as if I was a complete nutjob when I suggested we have a music quiz to round off the most important client and agency event we’d ever staged. My CEO, in particular, flat out refused to believe it would be any good and made lots of indirect threats about job security if it was shit. On the night, Al and the team went down a storm and once I saw the CEO standing on his chair belting out power ballads, I knew I was safe. We’ve used SF since then and will again. It helps that I am awesome at quizzes and always win…”

Louise Richardson, Mindshare UK Director of Marketing

“Sounds Familiar opened the Carling tent at both the V and IOW festivals in 2013 and they went down a storm. Whether you’re a Power Ballad expert or a fan of Mash-Ups, there’s something for everyone. Just don’t call your team ‘Quizzy Rascal”

Matthew Fletcher-Jones, Red Consultancy PR

“Sounds Familiar Music Quiz. A quiz so awesome you don’t need to know any of the answers to be able to enjoy.”

Camden Crawl

“Sounds Familiar is so good that I had them kick off the Louder Lounge at V festival for 5 years giving our guests the best possible start to their amazing weekend. On top of that I use any occasion I can to get down to Jerusalem under the guise of “team-building” just so I can stand on a table at about 11pm with my shirt undone, swigging lager and pretend that I’m John Farnham, singing “The Voice”. I never win but they smash it every time. It is the perfect night out.”

Simon Dornan, Virgin Media

“I can’t recommend a Sound Familiar quiz enough. The team firstly listened to the brief and constructed a bespoke quiz that was perfect for our guests. The rounds were varied, didn’t drag and Al kept the songs on long enough for a bit of a sing along. Our quiz was for a corporate function (for which everyone had a great time) but would work equally as well for a private function like a birthday bash. We’re already planning on making this an annual event.”

Sam Carrington, itv


“Great fun. I have been as part of a small group and large and its always great. Great value – you get so much more than a quiz!”

“The quiz was a lot of fun and by the end of it, everyone was out of their seats dancing and singing along! My only issue is that we should have won!”


“Just so much fun!!! Brilliant night”

“Great night. The quiz was excellently put together and atmosphere was great in the bar. Quiz organiser on top form too. Highly recommended and will be spreading the word!”

“Awesome night out! Great hosts, laughs from beginning to end.”

“Well-organised and put together quiz that had everyone singing while wracking their brains.”

“SO MUCH FUN. Even though we came in last place, we still had an amazing time. Very well organised with a great variety of songs. We’re already planning on attending the next one.”

“Great fun! We went for a media hen do and wanted something fun and different. This was like a quiz meets karaoke and got everyone singing and dancing. As the night went on we got more and more jolly, the only regret was our sore heads the next day. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

“Awesome night! Best quiz ever!!!! our catch up Christmas party what a blast. Loved the dancing Need to work on the team name. For next time. Brilliantly put together quiz. Great work SMFQ’

“Hands down best Christmas Party ever!”

“Brilliant night! Everyone loved it and got involved! Lots of feedback that it was the best Christmas night even though we did terribly in the quiz itself! Great choons!! Thanks”

“Took a big group of friends for my birthday, amazing fun. Great atmosphere and it was challenging but not too difficult that people tuned out. Highly recommended.”

“Really fun and cheap night out for New Year’s Eve! There were 24 of us and had a great time doing the quiz! Would recommend!”

“The quiz was really well done and I had a great night for NY.”

“Me and my group of friends regularly go here – it was our 6th Xmas Quiz. Always such a good laugh, great atmosphere you can’t help but get up and sing your heart out.”

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